Medications to Help Sleep

Medications to help people sleep have long been associated with side-effects such as addiction in some instances which have led to overdoses. Today however there is CBN Oil For Sleep which has not been associated with any adverse side-effects. Of course though, until recently as CBD is found in the hemp plant which is the proper name for marijuana, it could only be taken with the risks involved with taking marijuana but that now is a thing of the past.

What has changed is that scientists have been able to identify and isolate the beneficial properties of marijuana, which is CBD, from the adverse properties which are known as THC. CBD (Cannabinol) and THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) are both found in cannabinoids in the hemp (marijuana) plant. This meant that previously if someone wanted to benefit from CBD, they would be subject to the adverse effects of THC. Now that CBD can be isolated, it has safely been used to create oils which can help with sleeping disorders and other oils which can help with anxiety, stress or any number of other stress-related problems. Creams have also been developed using CBD for the relief of pain, especially muscle and joint pains, all without the additional hazards THC is known for.

THC among other things can be addictive and of course produce a high and it was these properties which led marijuana to become banned in most countries in the world as people were using it for recreational purposes more than they were for health purposes with CBD now safely being able to be isolated from the THC in marijuana, it has opened up the possibility of many more beneficial health potentials. The ultimate goal for science now is to create a strain of marijuana which contains no THC, only CBD. Although this may seem a goal somewhat impossible, scientists have already achieved a great deal of success, greatly reducing the amount of THC in some strains of marijuana.

Cannabinoids are transporters of various things and even the human body produces them in order to transport some essentials and due to this, the brain has created a cannabinoid receptor to more easily access whatever the cannabinoids are carrying. This, of course, meant that any cannabinoids received from marijuana were also quickly accessed, including the ones carrying THC, hence marijuana’s effectiveness in producing a high.

The brain’s receptor today though can assist in effectively making use of the cannabinoids carrying CBD, optimizing the CBD benefits. As research continues into other potential health benefits provided by CBD, an ever increasing number of health products may become available with CBD being their active ingredient. If scientists are successful in creating a strain of marijuana with no THC, perhaps even marijuana itself will once again become available.

The benefits of marijuana or hemp go far beyond just health benefits for us as the pulp of the plant can replace paper in many products, making less demand for wood from trees, reducing deforestation and making a healthier planet.